Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grumpy Day

I'm grumpy clear idea why...tired some, but also just ready to snap off somebody's head.

I wonder if this had something to do with it:

Because BearGoddess had class and meetings today, I offered to pick up her daughter, LilBit, from pre-school and stay with her until her "cocoa date" with BlueEyes later on in the afternoon. I had okayed with mom swinging by the post office and so we went.

After mailing our package we went back out to the car and LilBit climbed into her carseat in the back. Now, I am not used to having children in the car and dealing with car seats and such (LilBit is 4-going-on-5). I was fussing with the seat belt, making sure it was on right and tight (but not too tight) and secure, and making sure everything in the front seat was placed so that if I had to stop quick it wouldn't fly back and hit her. The car door was open, but there was no one in the parking space next to us on that side.

I had been doing this all of maybe three minutes, when there was a squeal of tires and a car jerked in next to us. The woman was screaming at me before she even got out of the car, dropping f-bombs and telling me I was inconsiderate and she had been waiting 10 minutes for me to move and that I was a bitch and really I don't know what all. She got out of the car and just kept yelling at me.

I eased out of my car, made sure my keys were in my pocket, and quietly closed the door so LilBit wouldn't hear (my hope, anyway). I kept my voice quiet and said, "I'm just trying to make sure my child's safe, ma'am" (thinking it was not the moment to go into a detailed explanation of my adopted auntie status to LilBit...).

She didn't quit. Ten f-'n minutes she'd been waiting! Ten! F this and F that. She kept taking a few steps away then turning back to yell at me more. I just asked her to calm down and quietly moved around the car and got in. And locked the door.

I was scared...I was worried she might attack me or something, and not only was I not interested in getting hurt, I really didn't want that to happen in front of LilBit. Sheesh.

For the record, and not that it matters because her behavior was inexcusable: I checked the time stamp on the post office receipt: 1:07. And I checked my cellphone, because TheologyBabe called me right as I got in the car: 1:11. Four minutes. Four minutes to sign the receipt, walk out of the post office, wait for a car to turn into the lot, go to the car, unlock the car...crazy lady hadn't even pulled in to the lot yet when we got to the car, because we were right at the entrance and it was clear when we crossed.


Man, I hate people sometimes.