Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome Back Home

Welcome Back Home

i'm walking down the street
patty griffin's heart-cracking voice
jangling in my ears
no bad news today
sun blinking through trees
people taking a second look
yes, it's a paddle

i twirl it around
pretend i'm paddling
think about jesus
behind me in the boat
the handle feels so good
in my hand, just right

i'm floating down the street
jesus is my riverguide
i dare the swat team
to come bug me
me with my paddle
when i walk by my park
my park, their headquarters

me and my paddle
me and my paddle and jesus

And i won't be afraid, i won't be afraid,
and though the darkness may come my way
i won't be afraid to be alive anymore

no bad news today

me and my paddle and jesus