Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost Champions

What a fun night last night. In the semifinal game we were hot -- we won, 27-5! Only in softball do you see scores like that...yikes! And that was with the "only two home runs per game" rule. I went 3-4 in that game, and scored 2 runs. The game ended on with an outstanding catch in right-center that sent us all running for the outfield in celebration.

The championship game was a lot closer. It came down to the very very last inning. We were visitors, so the other team got the last at-bat. A hit, and three straight walks (the other team didn't even try to swing the bat) on some questionable ball-strike calls, and the other team won, 15-14. I went 1 for 3, with walk.

We felt good, though. We were down 5-0 in that game, then came from behind to take a 14-8 lead. Our defense was really good (in both games, actually) and we were holding them. But the ump's strike zone kept shrinking. I was catching both games, and I watched this happen. It was frustrating to see good pitches be called balls. Plus he was not consistent; our pitcher would drop one in on the corner of the zone, and one time it would be a strike, and another ball.

Well, anyway. Considering that the team only managed to win 1 during the fall season (and apparently got beat a lot over the summer before I joined them), that we got as far as we did and played as well as we did and nearly beat the best team -- we were really happy. And it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed playing catcher, which I haven't done since 7th grade. And to play two back-to-back games felt like playing one nice, long game, which is how it should be. Co-ed softball is corrupted somewhat by having to play "on the clock" (which is an abomination unto the lord) and starting hitters off with a 1-1 count (which messes with the poetry of the game).

And on a final note, I now have not 1, but 2 lovely softball bruises. I got hit by thrown balls TWICE while running to first. In the first game I got hit in the back, near my right shoulder blade, on a throw from short. Then in the second game, I got hit in the, um, well, on my ass, on a throw from third. That one hurt like heck. I was surprised that one hurt more, considering there's a little more, er, padding there than on my back. They're both sore this morning, the one on my left cheek more so. The bruise there is lovely, a perfectly round imprint of the ball.

No, I will not be posting any pictures!

Awaiting spring training...

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  1. Congratulations! It sounds like you had a great season, and the bruises are proof!

    Enjoy the (rest of) the game tonight!


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