Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Staring Out The Window

Life is...interesting...right now. Working part-time, and doing the new church, juggling schedules and trying to have a life. It's all good. Trying to figure out how to make time to write, cuz there's things I want to say, reflect about, stuff like that. Good stuff I'm doing, although I find myself rather pensive, struggling with cynicism. Maybe my hope muscles are just tired after the last year.

Playing ball tonight -- we were supposed to play last week, semifinal "playoff" and if we won that the final, but we had weather as bad/worse as what Philly had last night, plus a bit of snow and lots of lightning.

So, we're playing tonight instead. It'll be brisk, but at least it won't be wet. It's a gorgeous day.

Hope y'all are well.

Here are a few pics from the Transform columbus day Protest this year:

Gathered on the Capitol Steps.

13 Indigenous Women going through the police barrier (the police let them...go figure) to present a Treaty of Transformation to the paraders (that's one there on the left with the striped shirt).

The 13 Women reading the Treaty. The paraders threw it on the ground.

Back at the capitol...with all these cops. Cuz we're so scary, I guess.