Friday, July 3, 2009

Morning Chores

I got up at 6am to go up to the farm this morning to do chores as Goat Mama is out of town. I'd not done "wake up" chores before, just "putting to bed chores," but it's about the same stuff, just in reverse sort of, without the stress of "will you PLEASE just go in the right house? PLEASE? Before it gets dark?"

I really enjoyed it. I am SOOOO not a morning person, but I liked being up and watching the sun rise over the meadow, which is lush green from all the rain we've been having. Barn swallows swooped around and even sat just right on the gate out to the goat pens, and let me walk right up to them. All was quiet, except for Darby the foster goat bleating like crazy for his milk. I just took my time and enjoyed the morning.

Even the roosters tottered off without bothering me...a nice change from last night, when the two meanies flew at me, talons bared, until I had to back out of the pen and think up a new game plan (hint: an old screen window comes in handy as a shield...).

I'll take the goats any day...