Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poetry Of The Day

Wild honey smells of freedom

The dust — of sunlight

The mouth of a young girl,

like a violet

But gold — smells of nothing.

- Anna Akhmatova
Russian poet, from her poem "Wild Honey Smells of Freedom"


  1. Her slim, terse form, wherein an unforseen scathing content still finds room to exist, reminds me of E. Dickinson. A wonderful incongruity between form and content. I want to read more of Akhmatova's stuff; do you recommend anything in particular?

  2. Hi David, and welcome to the Window! I actually don't really know Akhmatova's work, I found this as Sojourner's quote for the day a few days ago.

    a bit of looking in my library -- there is a selection of her work in the anothology "women poets: from antiquity to now," eds. barnstone and barnstone. I'll have to read these again!


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