Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At Last!

Clips of the Met's Der Rosenkavalier broadcast from January, starring Renée Fleming, Susan Graham, and Christine Schafer, are finally reaching the youtubes, thanks to rosen10kavalier.

Giddy overture and opening scene of Act 1:

Oh my god, I could watch that forever. (I know, don't you just want to yell at Placido to get the heck out of their bedroom? Clearly he's interrupting!)

Also posted are:
The Marschallin's Monologue;
The Presentation of the Rose;
The Final Trio (which makes me forget to breathe);
And the Finale.

Bonus bits are the entr'acte interviews with Renée, Susan (she is 12 feet taller than Placido, wow!), and the Trio. Note in Renée's interview she tries to convince us that it's "believable" that Susan is playing a young man. Uh-huh. Maybe from the 4th balcony, honey, but I'll just keep enjoying the sight of two women enjoying one another in bed, thank you very much!

Edited to add: oh yeah, there are a couple of men in the story. If you ask me, Baron Ochs is, as Hitchcock would say, a MacGuffin. I'll grant Sigmundsson is hilarious in the role, but you don't really see him in these clips...because his character is a MacGuffin!

Enjoy! And thanks again to rosen10kavalier!