Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Five: Year-End Edition

For the final Friday Five of the year, the revgals suggest listing 5 blessings of 2010 and 5 hopes/dreams for the new year.  This seemed like a good spiritual practice, since "blessings" is not the first thing that springs to mind when I think of this year.  This year was rough, and as I read through others' year-end blog posts and status updates, it seems "rough" describes many folks' 2010 journey.  May 2011 be a gentler road for us all.


1 -- Bearing witness to my cielo's continued growth as the most amazing human I have ever known.  Assuming all continues smoothly, she will be ordained in 2011, something I am already looking forward to.

2 -- Rediscovering an old love: opera.  Thanks to this broadcast, which blew my world open and reminded me that there is beauty in the world:

And in rediscovering opera, I discovered the global White Shirt contingent, which has provided much delight.  For an example, here.

3 -- Good friends and mentors who help me feel less lonely during the lonely stretches.

4 -- Goats and hermitages and a flying St. Francis.

5 -- Colleagues in the multi-stranded movement for justice, which only grows stronger.

Hopes/Dreams...and things I'm looking forward to:

1 -- Opera-related, there's the Capriccio HD broadcast in April, the Die Walkure HD broadcast in May, and the HOPE that the Met will release the above-mentioned Rosenkavalier on DVD, as they have done with other HD broadcasts.  Cuz then I'd feel like this:

2 -- I started the "One With the Collar" series (last one here, which has links to all of them) without realizing that it would be a series.  These poems have been helpful ways of thinking about my own experience as a minister, of wrestling with issues of privilege, authority, pain, injustice.  So I want to be more intentional about these reflections moving forward.

3 -- Continued deepening growth of the faith community I pastor.

4 -- Finally being delivered.  All right, maybe not "finally" as in that's the end of that, but finally in the sense of being brought out of whatever-the-hell-I'm-in right now and onto what is next, whatever that is.  Ironically, it's exhausting, even thought there is nothing I can do but be still and let God do Her work.

5 -- Time with my cielo, my friends, "my" hermitage, the goats...

Happy 2011, everyone!


  1. How encouraging and delightful to read all these posts! Opera--something I know nothing about. I should do something about that, I suspect. Blessings in 2011!

  2. Towanda,

    the flying St Francis is amazing!!!

  3. New year greetings from UK towanda!
    If you have a minute in your busy schedule I wonder if you might cast an eye over my blog please? I'm very new to all this. If you find something you like there might you consider adding me to your bloggage?
    Many thanks

  4. I was at one of those Rosenkavaliers, and I'll be at one of those Walküres. I never understood that line in that Adrienne Rich poem, "...neither Rosenkavalier nor Götterdämmerung..." I always thought "Really? Are you sure?"

    Happy New Year

  5. stray, you mean "at" as in live? Lucky you, if so!

    Interesting Rich line, from XIII of the 21 Love Poems. I wonder why she picked those two? Makes me wanna do research about it...


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