Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Diva, Divo

Um, how completely awesome is this?  Joyce DiDonato discusses her new album, and sings!

(PS:  How much does this make me REALLY want to see Le Comte Ory in April???)

Edited to add:  Hello, beautiful mezzo in a white shirt...


  1. Nice one towanda. Hope you get your wish in April!

  2. ...and this in May:

  3. Also, dunno if you've seen this, but a bit of Handel I believe to be one of the most awesome things ever posted to utube:

  4. Ariadne, I wish they would broadcast that! Living far from NY, I go to the HD broadcasts...

  5. oh, and that Dopo Notte is fantastic! I love watching her sing, my.

  6. Le Comte Ory?

    Very, very, very VERY much.

    Especially as the mezzo (at least temporarily) gets the girl instead of the tenor. :-)

    (and that cinches it, I NEED your rss feed, hadn't seen that you had already blogged the trailer, sorry!)


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