Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Five: Scattered Edition

The theme for this week's RevGals Friday Five is about being scattered.  Sigh, that's about right for my life these days! 

1.  I lose my keys all of the time.  Even if they are in my hand, I still am looking for them.  Sigh!
What is something you chronically looking for, if anything?

I am chronically ever looking for lots of things:  justice, hope, balance, my next favorite Renée Fleming youtube clip...

2.  What movie are you looking forward to watching sometime in the future?  (me, the new Footloose!)

Movie?  Uh.  I'm not even sure what's playing *now*, much less "sometime in the future."  On the other hand, I do know the Live from the Met HD broadcasts start tomorrow and I am definitely looking forward to those!!  I can't go tomorrow but will go the encore...I have all the broadcasts I want to see on my calendar!

3.  What is one of your favorite comfort foods?  (me, pizza. hands down).

pepperoni pizza

4.  Story time.  Tell us a story of one your favorite people that has touched, blessed your life.

As I am sitting here I am feeling deeply grateful that I have so many stories of so many people to choose from.  Particularly thoughtful today for BlueEyes, who is being ordained on Sunday, thanks be to God; JT, who was at the OccupyDenver protest all night while we vigiled at home, cell phones on all night in case she or another of our peeps needed bailing out of jail (all home safe and sound);  and of course, my beloved cielo, who loves me no matter what, and fills my life with tenderness and joy.  Also she cleans the gutters, because I hate climbing ladders.

5.  What do you do to focus or calm or center yourself?  (please, I need ideas!!!)

Breathe.  Stretch.  Snuggle.  Hug.  Hold hands.  Breathe more.  Helps to remind myself that whatever the moment, I have all I need, thanks to Her.

BONUS:  Share the first thing (or second thing) that comes to your mind after your read this!

Uh...I really want a Coke.  And a nap.