Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I enjoy the new blogger features that let me see things like how people find this blog -- from other blogs, mostly, and google searches.  It's quite interesting to me that the search that brings the most people here is for the Trail of Tears, which takes them to this post from 2008.  This is consistently the most viewed page on my blog.

(The "coincidence" mentioned in that post, in case you haven't been around long, is that I was on trial that same week, for standing in solidarity with First Nations folk.)

I also love seeing all the countries from which people come to "look in the Window" as it were.  This week, the top countries are the US, Sri Lanka (!), Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Canada, Netherlands, and United Arab Emirates.  Greetings, everyone!

All time, Window readers come from the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, France, Brazil, Australia, and Ukraine.

Wave in the comments if you're from any of these countries!  Or if you're not!  And thanks for visiting!


  1. I love that new feature too. My most famous post is the one about pumpkin dump cake. I get hits on that one more than once a day all year long. Amazing. People like their pumpkin, I guess. Interesting how our famous posts are so very different...ha. Shouting out from the US, of course. Not nearly as interesting as the rest. But, I do love reading your blog!

  2. New reader just this minute! Specifically came over from Pilgrim's Moon.

    Will be happily looking around later this weekend.

  3. Wave wave, Eyes!

    Welcome, Em, hope you enjoy it! I've added your blog to my reader and look forward to your posts.


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