Thursday, June 16, 2016



Friends, I'm really proud to introduce to you my new website, FierceRev Remedies, where I'll be writing about herbalism, freedom movement work, and where those intersect for me.  This is an outgrowth of my vocational journey these last couple of years, including herbal studies, deepening pastoral justice work, farmwork, vocational discernment, and the project of healing and reclaiming my voice.

My first post is about my first herbal love.

I’ve been drinking herbal  infusion teas almost every day since then, and have felt the herbs’ slow, deep, transformational work in my being.  But Rose was the first, the first to teach me that the herbs so want to help us heal, help us be fierce for the work of liberation, help us love on this earth and its creatures and each other.  Rose was the first who made me feel I might be a healer, along with being a pastor and an activist.
Towanda's Window isn't going anywhere!  (Although I may shift it to WordPress because Blogger is getting annoying). I'll still post more personal reflections (and white shirt fangirling!) here.

Maybe I'll write more about this sometime, but I went through a time where somebody worked *really* hard to silence my voice.  That person almost succeeded.  You can see that reflected in this blog by how my personal writing goes from fairly prolific to veryvery quiet, almost non-existent, as this person influenced my life (you can see that same prolific/outspoken to silent pattern in my personal Facebook posts as well).  Maybe you noticed, if you've been reading here a long time. 

Long story short:  thank God I walked away from that!  I'm so thankful for my cielo, my friends, my church, my healers, all of whom have walked through this with me and loved on me hard.  The journey to healing has been deep, and long, at least long as it feels to me, which I guess what I want to really say is that you don't just recover from that, heal from that overnight.  I've gradually come to write more here -- that tri-partite Carol posting was a huge step! -- and now this new website feels enormous and important as I continue to heal.

I have stuff to say, y'all.  And there is stuff that wants to be said through me.  So, thanks for being here, and I hope you'll join me at my other hangout too.  Peace.