Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marschallin Monday: Ja Ja

I was trying to read a detailed synopsis with annotated thematic references (in this book) while flying to New Jersey today, which was amazingly fascinating (the reading, not the flying).  Until we hit nasty turbulence that made it impossible to do anything but try to breathe and not, well, you know.

So I breathed deeply, hummed overture/Act 1 opening scene themes in my head, because that's as far as I had gotten (which isn't really a bad place to pause...) and thought of this.

Travel messes with my perception of time (die Zeit, die ist ein Sonderbar ding...) and I think it's already Monday, even though it's late Sunday night, and so I'm posting this early.  At any rate I'm at a conference all week so what not have a little early Marschallin?