Friday, June 29, 2007

This Is It

(Originally posted December, 2005).

Well, I'm packing up the computer.

Well, I mean, clearly, I'm not doing that right this second. But after posting this I'm shutting down and packing it up. Monday is the big moving day. The shelves are bare, the cabinets are empty, and the house is basically a giant pile of boxes.

It's a strange way to spend Christmas, but as I think about it, I guess Jesus' family was kind of on the move, too. Only they had a donkey, instead of a U-Haul. So perhaps it is appropriate to reflect on the stress of moving and traveling and finding a place to rest one's head.

It looks like the weather will be good for the trip. I'm hoping for some beautiful vistas to brighten our way.

OK, now I'm just thinking up things to say...a form of denial, I suppose...if I just keep typing, then we can never leave! Just like on Sunday...if I just never played that last chord for the choir, it would never be over...but, life must go on, the journey beckons, and, truth be told, I am -- mostly -- ready to go.

I wish you all a blessed sacred season, whatever your tradition may be. The next time I'm here, the Window will be looking out on the Rockies, and Denver...

Now, that's a nice thought.

Paz, Towanda