Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Day

So, in a little while I'm mailing off all my ordination paperwork, including my 29-page ordination paper. That's not quite so impressive as it sounds, since I didn't start from scratch. I used almost the entirety of my final theology paper, my theology of ministry paper from field ed., and two UCC history/polity papers. I don't feel bad about this at all, especially since the profs said they hoped these papers could be used for ordination boards. I tweaked some things, added a few things, clarified a few things. Anyway, off it all goes! My examination interview will be on Sept. 6th, and if all goes well, the ecclesiastical council (where everyone in the conference gets to come examine me) will be the next day.

That's not all that's on the table today. This afternoon is my job interview for the immigrant rights interfaith organizer position. I actually feel excited about the interview -- I don't ever remember feeling excited about a job interview before! I feel calm and centered and confident, although I'm sure when the time comes there will be nervousness. But I feel like I am the perfect person for this job, and that if they don't hire me, it will be their loss. That's another thing I haven't felt before, this kind of confidence. We'll see what happens!

Tomorrow we are going here for the weekend, thanks to SBro and TBro, who gave us 3-day passes as a graduation gift. And thanks to my cielo, who has been saving for just the right birthday/graduation present, we are staying at a nice hotel. So it's a little mini-vacation for us. TheologyBabe and her sweetie are meeting us there tomorrow, and I am sure a good time will be had by all.

Look at that lineup! I am so, so excited, I can hardly stand it.

Do you think Patty will sing this?

Or this?

Or how about Dar?

Oh man, if she sings that I will just fall to bits. Kinda like right now. Sniff, pass the kleenex.

Let's end with a little sweetness from Nanci.