Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was yesterday, and we had a great party here at the house last night. The baseball birthday bash included watching the Rockies beat the Astros on TV, eating up what folks were instructed to bring: your favorite ballpark food (we have lots of beer and hotdogs left over, whodathunk?), devouring an incredibly delicious chocolate cake, and in general having a blast.

BearGoddess asked me her two "birthday questions" and was stunned at my quick responses.

Q: What was the highlight of the year?
A: Being in jail with all of you! (OK, technically I wasn't in jail with all of them, including the 4-I'm-almost-five-years-old girl and her 7-year-old brother, but the ones in the room who didn't go to jail bore witness to our violent arrest, and have been in strong solidarity with us since then, and that is good enough for me).

Q: What are you looking forward to most this next year?

Well, those two things were what first came to mind! Of course jail isn't the only highlight of the year(what kind of person lists jail as a highlight? Why, ME, of course!), nor is graduation the only thing I'm looking forward to. Here's some other stuff.

  • Becoming friends with CoolPastor.
  • Deeper connection with my favoritest, favoritest professor (including a very powerful moment this week which I actually haven't written about).
  • A visit from the Wanderer.
  • The conference in Aspen.
  • Beating down the dementors before they got me first.
  • The trip to Guatemala.
  • The trip to Santa Fe.
  • Several trips to the ballpark to see the Rockies.
  • Yes, the protest and jail.
  • And then, realizing that I had found my people. TheologyBabe, BlueEyes, JT, BearGoddess, RedBrother. I love y'all.
  • Becoming friends with GreenGirl and Alwen.
  • The trip to Arkansas.
  • Fun times with my people and my cielo.
  • Um, ok, the first trial in January, especially when the AIM song was sung in court.
  • Surviving the winter quarter.
  • Mexico!
  • My birthday party yesterday.
  • All of y'all, reading (and my first blogger meet-up!).
  • Graduating. Really.
  • And with that...having more time that is all mine.
  • Starting the new church.
  • Visits from my folks (for graduation), Diva, and the Wanderer this summer.
  • Getting ordained (if all goes as planned).
  • And with that, at least one trip back to Portland.
  • More time to watch baseball, play catch, and read for fun.
  • Who knows what else?!?
Peace, y'all --